About Us

The increased awareness and the acceptance of the Herbal Medicine despite the Western Medicine being dominant, the efficiency is gradually being established and accepted in all parts of the world.

India has its own rich heritage in the infrastructure of Herbal plants & the practices on Herbal medicines. It has proved to the world, how tradition and modern technology can be linked for the development of herbal remedies for any diseases.

The other benefit of the Herbal medicines are the Immunity and immediate cure for Infertilization in both men and women, total remedy for Sexual debility without any side effect.

Furthermore, the Herbal & Aromatic plants are widely used for Medicinal ingredients, Health improving additives, Fragnances, bathing agents, Insecticides.

Sivaraj Siddha Vaidhya Salai's Herbal Medicianal products on Sexual debility has made a successful impact in the Indian market for the past 208 years without generation gap which set a rapid pace of growth in the Herbal pharmaceutical arena. They have devoted themselves for the Herbal, Spices & Aromatic plantations in order to cater to the maximum need of the world market.