208 years of 7 devoted Generations . . .

Sivaraj Siddha Vaithiyasalai was originally started by respectable Muthulingasamy who made a deep research on the 18 Munivars palm leaf manuscript and found the wonderful truth for the total solution of sexual disability.

He passed on the invention to his son Subramania Vaithiar who in turn profesized the same to his son Rathinavel Vaithiar and to his grand son Dr.Sivaraj. Dr. Sivaraj has developed the concept further and profesized his son Dr.Sivakumar and his grandson Mr.Sanjai.

Our Founders

Dr. Muthulingasamy
Dr. Subramaniyar
Dr. Rathinavel
Dr. Sivaraj
Dr. Sivaraj Sivakumar
Dr. Sivaraj Sanjai
Dr. Sivaraj Sibi