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The Only Prestigious family for 208 years over this 7th generation for Herbal products in india.

India has its own rich heritage infrastructure in Herbal plants and practices on herbal medicines and it has the proof that how tradition and modernity can be linked for the development of herbal remedies for any kind of diseases for both the sex.

Sivaraj Siddha Vaithiya Salai is one of the oldest hospital existing for the past 208 years without Generation gap. it has made succesful impact in the Indian market in Herbal medicinal products for sexual debility.

During the year 1937 the Salem Collector Mr.Rama Moorthy had inagurated the new Vaithya Salai for the poor.

During the year 1939, Madras IndianMedical Board visited the Vaidhyasalai and tested the medicines and awarded the excellency.

Srilankan ayurvedic Prinicipal Sri.ANA Panikar, MRCS, England tested the medicines and admired the unique quality of the medicinal products.

During the year 1929, our forefather had his wide tour to Singapore, Malaysia, Sumithra, Fornia, Phillipines, China, Menoda, Shellips, South Africa, Kidda, Clanton, Burma for the medical clinical service.